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By: Thuthukani Ndlovu, Founder and creative director of The Radioactive Blog.

The Radioactive Blog is an online creative hub that promotes creatives from around the world. One of the blog’s initiatives is “Spoken Word of Elohim – #SWE”, which started off as an anthology that aimed to provide a platform for Christian artists from different backgrounds to share their work. This anthology can still be read online or downloaded for free, and there was also a version of the publication in braille. The blog then realised that it needed to create a more tangible platform that could accommodate more artistic disciplines, and the team therefore decided to start #SpokenWordofElohim. It is now a poetry show that accommodates Christian music, literature and performance theatre. #SWE shows are hosted in Bloemfontein, South Africa, and aim to create intimate spaces where art with Christian foundations can be shared and received.

The blog then branched out and started the #SWEBibleChallenge, an online initiative that reaches wider and yet still encompasses the heart of #SWE. Some of the objectives of the challenge are: To create an online platform using the hashtag for participants to share what they’ve learnt/ their revelations from the scriptures they read each day (as well as read what other participants have to share as well); To promote a reading culture; To spread the Gospel of Christ on social media more often, while encouraging people to discuss or engage on certain scriptures.

The beauty of the challenge is that it’s not restricted to one location, and there have even been participants from other countries in the past. The challenge is also not limited to Christians, grabbing the attention of those interested find out more about what the Bible says as well as other people’s views on certain scriptures. People are encouraged to register, so that the blog has an idea of how many people are actually taking part in the challenge in their records. It’s not a must, so if you have a friends and family that want to take part, they can still do so. For the month of March, participants will be reading the book of Proverbs, one chapter a day.

In order to make the challenge as interesting and interactive as possible, participants are encouraged to do the following:

  • Please share what you’ve read/understood on social media using the hashtag #SWEBibleChallenge. The blog will also be sharing their insights every day of the challenge. The book of Proverbs is known to be the book of Wisdom, so there’s bound to be at least one scripture/verse that you would want to share with everyone. You can also share what you’ve read on your WhatsApp status as well.

  • You’ll also be able to engage with what other people have shared via the hashtag either on Facebook or Twitter. This makes the tag a platform not only for those participating to learn and share what they’ve learnt or understand from the scriptures read, but also those who roam through social media streets to get an insight into God’s word.

The deadline for registering has passed; however those who haven’t registered can still participate, and are encouraged to also share their journey on social media using the #SWEBibleChallenge. The Radioactive Blog encourages participants to not give up should they find themselves behind on the challenge, and advises that people should make an effort to try and keep up so that they don’t fall too far behind. For more information, you can visit: www.theradioactiveblog.com .