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What is Simunye?

Simunye is an on-campus church collaboration initiative that seeks to be a medium for church unity in universities and tertiary institutions around South Africa. ‘Simunye’, which in Zulu means ‘we are one’, is what the world should see when they look at God’s people.

Jesus commanded in John 13:35 – “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” It is the love Christians have for one another that should point everyone in the university to the Love that unites them. Sadly, this is seldom seen in practice for two reasons:

  1. Christians in the university being unable to identify each other.
  2. Unwillingness of Christian societies to partner together due to petty secondary differences.

Regardless of denominational differences, Christians who hold to the same core doctrines of the faith are invited to make use of this student platform as a coming-together of various creative expressions of the Gospel. The whole body of Christ effectively reaching the whole university. Please read our Statement of faith on the website to find out what those core doctrines are.


Why Simunye?

Imagine young people from different backgrounds who believe in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ all showing collectively what real unity in diversity looks like. Unashamed of the Gospel and unrelenting in their love for all students wherever they may be at, this becomes a community on mission with God. Simunye, and the 5 main offerings from the Scope Student Platform, is simply a catalyst to see this mission go further; the Kingdom of Light advancing against every darkness and deception of the evil one.

How to join Simunye

Simunye is localised in 9 regions across South Africa: Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Port Elizabeth, Grahamstown, Durban, Bloemfontein, Potchefstroom, Johannesburg, and Pretoria.

If you are an official Christian society in a university situated in one of these regions, the following is required for you to join Simunye:

  • A representative student or student pastor from your Christian society who is willing to keep in communication with your regional Scope Board member.
  • Meeting at least once a semester with other local representatives.
  • Sharing media that is published on the Scope Student Platform through your society’s social media channels.
  • Advertising the offerings of Scope to the students in your society and university at large.
  • Voluntary donation towards events and contributions happening through the Simunye collective in your region.


Benefits of joining Simunye

Your affiliation to Simunye will mean the following:

  • Greater exposure of your society in your university through the Scope website and app. As we encourage students to plug in to local Christian community on your campus, they will have easy access to more information about your fellowship.
  • Offering students in your fellowship the platform to exercise and hone their creative gifts through the publishing spaces available in Encompass and the Magazine.

If you would like to know anything more about joining Simunye in your region, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: simunye@scopeforstudents.com