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By Jonathan Just

limitless love banner

The way this world defines love is nothing short of a tragedy.

Why do we dispense love’s currency from this nonsense philosophy that four letters which encapsulate the gravity of God are merely what we should subjectively equate to rosy romance, blissful blueberry icecream, and rich mouthfuls of Red Velvet cake? Is that all there is to it?

To me, this just sounds like another flimsy, fleeting stimulation neatly packed away in bubble wrapped feelings – “fragile, easily breakable” – your heart for my broken promises. I give. You take.


Four letters? Yes, but not ‘love’ – ‘fear’ – like an eagle incapable of leaving the nest falsely thinking its wings have been clipped while the skies are beckoning this majestic creature to soar into unfathomable freedom.

I call it uncertainty; like a baby restlessly crawling wondering if there could be anything more than what it is seeing from its limited perspective, the painstaking standing and falling until one day running into unimaginable potential.

Love is the force strong enough to bring you from darkness into the parameters of where you were destined to flourish; a metamorphosis of genesis faith entering the cocoon not knowing that you’ll one day become someone beyond your wildest expectations.


Four letters? I call it a four-part SOS Morse code message from God to man, connecting the dot, dot, dot, dots between Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

In the beginning, the world once had this perfect connection with a Network Provider even better than your best day with Vodacom. To think that supernatural communication channels on an unbroken line to the Eternal were once normal. Then, in a single decision encouraged by the serpent’s deception, we were led away from service and out of Eden’s range to wander in the wilderness wondering if we could ever come back into divine reception.

But how could we have ever thought this possible with a faulty airwave transmission and a messed up signal? Who could fix it? Believe it or not, the Maker Himself came on a rescue mission destroying sin’s frequency and signaling true love’s manifestation. Calvary’s final cry, “It is finished!” is the harmony between man and God – the old has gone, the new has come.


Four letters? No, love’s definition was demarcated on the four corners of an old wooden cross where a Saviour was stretched and nailed on your behalf.

I call it limitless love

Jono picJonathan Just is a writer, editor and publisher with a love for people and a curious interest in how words seem to mysteriously work together. He also enjoys running around on the squash court and can’t believe that it still isn’t an Olympic sport yet. Everything that he is today goes beyond what he has done to what God is doing. Go follow him on Twitter @JonoJust1.