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By Jamela Hoveni

What a beautiful thing friendship is.

In our years together, what have we seen?

What experience can be gleaned through the lens of friendship?

Where has friendship taken us?

On road trips…

Oh but we’ve travelled into ourselves.

Our trials and tribulations,

An untimely death.

Much sorrow and heartbreak.

Oh but we’ve grown!

Such that today we can speak like this with profundity.

Side by side recounting our past adventures.

Memories, music and parties of our youth.

With wisdom and grace telling a story of past hurts.


Oh my sweet sweet sister!

Your words tickle me.

I’m overcome with nostalgia.

Come, let us journey into the past.

A time of naivety,

Of childhood dreams and desires.

Bad hair days and boys!

The heartbreaks.


Oh my sweet sister.

All these we speak of with a measure of appreciation.

A quantum of our growth.

Important life lessons of our youth indeed.

Who knew where we were headed when we were rescued by friendship?

When love insisted on disrupting us.

Who knew?

All those years ago when we first met.

Both of us bright eyed and idealistic,

We were going to change the world!

Who knew that change would come eventually?

That fateful meeting in our residence common room.

That chance encounter at Lucy’s Salon.

Both of us Patrons,

Both of us stunning beauties!

Who knew?


Oh my sweet sister!

On our first day at work in the heart of the city.

We would become sisters.

In the city we would reconnect again and relieve our Rhodes University days.

In Melville we would meet in a cosy coffee shop to reminisce.

Our love affair, is there any chance to rekindle?

But we would leave each other.

Time and time again we have left each other.

A new job or a marriage…

That is in the nature of things.

But in all this growing and growing up,

In all this change and disrupting life circumstances we still cling to each other.

Holding on to friendship, to memories, to love.


What a beautiful thing friendship is.

Today I lose a friend,

Tomorrow I make a new friend.

All these friends, these loves,

Always I keep them in my heart.

Fold them gently in.


Sometimes a breath of fresh air.

Sometimes a little too much trouble.

My sisters, my friends, my loves.